A Spy in The House of God

it is addressed thusly:

A vision.
it reads:
I stood gimlet-eyed in the hall to paradise
Walking slow, making note of every light
That comes forth, and though the air is nice
Suggesting a bright midsummer's night
It is dark, and by manifold pinprick lamp
Mysterious things on the mind must stamp
Patterns begun spinning, birds in midflight
Whose denouement fades in the evening damp

Did we see there just what we wanted to see
A tourist of the worlds both unseen and vast
The hall is endless, which crosses that sea
A sea of deep heaven in which a net is cast
I write furtively; my hand as though clawed
Time is ever short, apparatus ever flawed
Casting my line to the future from the past
For I am a spy in the house of God.

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