Who Will Wait For Us

it is addressed thusly:
A song.
it reads:
The time it is now,
     The time is always now
But the future we expected
     Didn't happen -- somehow
When I tell a story
     It is that story I must tell
That the world went not to heaven
     How the world went to hell

It gets so very close
     As close as close can be
As fire falling from the sky
     As lightning on the sea
A story of four women
     And a story of six men
We may guess how it ended
     But where does it begin?

Time waits for no man they say
     It travels on ahead
And when it catches up with you
     You find that you are dead
Ancient man fled the sinking sun
     Moderns fled the ticking clock
When the clock stopped ticking
     Did it stop the crowing cock?

Time waits for no man they say
     Though he wake or sleep
Who waits for men they ask
     With yet his watch to keep
To his pocket he returns
     The time is half-past five
The sounding gun, the sinking sun
     May yet catch man alive;

Time waits for no man and yet
    Its bright engine gives only pause
Only pause in brief consternation
    To curse its harshest laws
That the blind may be the seeing ones
     That the weak may yet be strong
That the lame may dance instead
     That the silence become a song;

Time waits for no man - the truth
     That few care to grasp
A remnant still remains they say
     Whose remembrance of this task
Sleeps in solemn, far places
      Deep, outside and beyond
In memory, in words forgot
     As in the depths of a pond

Yes - time waits for no man at all
     And neither suffers he to wait
Though what comes leaping around the bend
     He cannot anticipate
Does woman remember that she once
     Brought time and death on men
That she once shattered paradise
     And will shatter it again?

When I tell a story
     It is the story I must tell
Now how things went to heaven
     But how things went to hell
Man both must fight and flee
     For when each choice is clear
When he sees the buddha in the road
     He must kill him with the spear

The time it is now
     The time is always now
But the future we expected
     Didn't happen - somehow
Man, his works persist despite
     That dust must come to dust
Pause a moment that you may ask
     "Who will wait for us?"

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