The Cathedral


it is addressed thusly:

An ode.
it reads:
An empty chair, the tall Cathedral
Who sits? Is it a game of thrones
Or just a forsaken free-for-all
Glass houses are not made of stones
But instead of vying for that seat
Reds vie to elect the bishopric
To whom their blasphemies will stick
They won’t keep his eucharist neat
No musical chairs; this is a nave!
And stonings they're having for the brave
Their faith is strong, their zeal has heat --
Their communion ends inside the grave.
a postscript is here written:
'The Cathedral' is the mocking term Mencius Moldbug gave to the system of leftism or progressivism which combines a variety of semi-incoherent and variably malicious forces and ideologies that form the 'zeitgeist' of our era. It has a secularly religious nature that defies normal classification as a 'religion' (a definition the system itself generated to protect itself - those who participated to preserve their status and livelihoods) and so we explicitly identify it as such. 

Everyone has their own term they use for this structure, depending on what part of it they most interact with, as might be suggested by the 'blind men and an elephant' metaphor. The point of the term 'the cathedral' is not so much that it is 'elephant', since what would that mean to blind men - but that, like terms describing spiritual entities who cannot be directly seen, it says something of utmost importance about the thing, a title, which is blasphemous to THEM, and clarifies their most deceptive aspect - the religious nature of the 'non-religious' structure itself.

This image is of one of the chairs of St. Peter (there are apparently several that the Pope may occupy) but it is only chosen for its appearance (and the style of the photograph) and for the fact that the Cathedral hates the Vatican (despite the fact it seems to love the most recent Pope.)

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