Crocodile Song


it is addressed thusly:

A song.
it reads:
A chisel line to mark the portrait
Carved with utmost skill
A perfect weapon made more perfect
In exhaustion of our will
As subtle in its execution
Though clear its style, its convolution:
To hail you must revile
They all hail the Crocodile

A beast unleashed when finished growing
Let to go afield
And made greater in its error
Though it be revealed
And shown in grotesque ugliness
And crimes it must be made confess
Only spill its bile
They all hail the Crocodile

Did someone tell those haughty drivers
Superfluous they were?
A beast they manned as though in driving
They still held the spur
A shade a shadow only riding
And while their spoils were still dividing
It ate on all the while
They all hail the Crocodile

Let them believe that bad is goodness
Let their eyes be blind
To bring about our good professor's
Single state of mind
That all men be the poorest workers
A unity of bottom lurkers
As flat as plastic tile
They all hail the Crocodile

But how we get from this debasement
To our paradise
Can be worked out by our replacement
Pulled and picked like ice
That magic step where Rome and Paris
Are bathed in justice and in fairness
Red shakespeares every mile
They all hail the Crocodile

And for some rede beyond description
With a bestial glee
We loathe these ones now ruled by envy
Before us let them flee
And though our plan made this conclusion
Created raw from our confusion
Sawtooth is our style:
They all hail the Crocodile!

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