Will and Testament


it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
They would not had they known
But he knew they would not
He came forth as their will had shown
As one willing to be caught
His own of his own as Joseph of old
Found it just to be done with it
To have him cast alive into the pit
And thirty coins the price of him sold
A year's rent for the king of life
As those who sell their brother
To make peace with their own strife
Because he would be king of another?
And the world altogether is no more
For though it endure for a trillion year
Though to us it be more than dear
Than thirty silver - a ten and a score.
O small one, while you cast out God
For a life rich in your own pride
Or your family that you may quietly nod
Folding your hands, warm inside
One other has broken all the worlds for him
And the narrow seeing it, is made grim
At this, for ourselves we must groan
On this day, cast aside then every whim
"They would not, had they known."
a postscript is here written:
Since the time of the Apostles (in 2015, this would be nearly 1982 years) a fast has been declared on Wednesdays, in memory of the woman who poured out the costly ointment, and the disciple who sold his master for a pittance of silver in an envious response. As it is written, "When the bridegroom is no longer with them, then they will fast." Steel yourself against betrayal by mortifying the flesh with a fast.


After comparing the world to thirty silver we compare the costly ointment, worth perhaps 300 silver at that time, to all of the worlds. It was as though it was not enough for her to dedicate but the earth to God, but all of the worlds must be dedicated to him. All of the worlds will perish in fire, as a burnt offering to God; and like her, they may be remembered forever as a blessing, or as with Judas, a curse. Such is the role of material things - they are not, ultimately, 'sustainable', but are gifts to be offered back in glorious fire.


  1. neal17:36

    Some things are burned, but not consumed. That too will be the judgment of the children of Adam. Mercy, indeed.

    1. ay, "he will roll them up like a garment, they shall be changed."


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