The Orator To The Soothsayers


it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
"What is new is old", the teacher said
The spring comes and comes again
The new year lives, the old is dead
But the new year lives and dies the same
Mark my words, you who understand all things
You say wisdom only great sadness brings
But is grief not anger and anger not zeal
And what is grief to those who do not feel
At least a twinge of regret for love lost
Those thus wise hope for eternal return
Pray for a generation that need not learn
For a generation who need not count the cost
Dreamers without a vision, visions without light
Do they still yearn?
                                    Do they still yearn
For an end or a beginning, real or glossed
Are their elucidations radiant in the night
Does the fire in the belly still simmer and burn
Or did they court and jilt Wisdom in turn
Of both his face and his shadow in deathly fright
You who understand, who can explain all things
Where is Wisdom's merry voice that sings
Where are his tears, for our sake in holy bliss
On account of his friend-betrayer's kiss
Which were wept, on which the earth fed
You fearful, where yet is your holy dread
"What is truth?" as if to hide from this
"What is new is old", the teacher said.

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