No Man

it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
No man is a single idea alone
Though in our mind he become
A principle one, heavy as a stone
His utterances then made dumb
For the sake of our memory
How do we remember any more
Then our ten and seven score
Allotted by the power that be
Yet they ask us to love the world
Though whether it be flat or curled
I cannot recall, though abstractly
I see it, a star-tossed stone hurled;

You have objectified me, they cry
As though not objects at all
These speaking bodies, they are sly
And not deficient in gall
We lack not systems which coerce
And what but death does law bring
Turn the edge away, turn away its sting
The subjects riot and make it worse
The game, if wiser than a stone
Learn limitation, and once it is known
Know how much is kept in a name
No man is a single idea alone.

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