Want and Lack


it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
What women want has been
A mystery for man to ponder
It is only because he hasn't seen
The ominous things set yonder
"Women want a man who's bad
Over one who's smart and solid"
He says pretending to be stolid
In face of fortune that he's had
Consider though the facts at hand
This rede so plainly doesn't stand
A trend it isn't, nor a fad
Every century it has coldly spanned;

Women want a project, yes
Sensing their desires awry
So they pick a handsome mess
Not even they can tell us why
But it is clear the messiness
Is itself what made the man
No wise woman truly can
Against the savage make redress
Strong and sharp and devious
Ambition or continence a must
Too tall? Never; they will confess--
A man who's beautiful is monstrous.
a postscript is here written:
now consider the old meaning of want, which meant not so much to desire as to be lacking something, and re-read the text from the beginning.

"What does a civilized woman lack?"


  1. Oh, man, that's good. I am smiling. A work in progress.

  2. I knew a girl who always liked vain, pretty men - essentially, men who spent as much time or more trying to look good as she did (which was saying something). Every one of them was a self-absorbed jerk. I never understood the appeal.

    1. some folks just want trouble. A man's job is to be a good kind of trouble, really.


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