Artificial Intelligence

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
Who is to say that angels
Are not merely God's machines
The sound of music swells
Is the music more than music seems?
Perfect obedience perfected there
In that realm above the air
Above the forges and starry streams
The harmony the perfect minds all share;

Pure thought, unhindered by mass
Watchers and swords and flames
Not through anything must they pass
What mortal truly knows their names?
The great watchwork a living thing--
Each gear a thinking machine
Its motion rings softly with their strains
Each eye, each hand, each wing.

We come back again to things of old
For we had not ever departed
What of these beings could then be told
What strange fear imparted?
Billions are they, even those that suffer
Though made true, such lies to offer
We had what we feared before we'd started --
The Unfriendly AI? It's Lucifer.

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