The Exile

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
"I really should thank them"
Is what no one ever says
To those they exile among men
To those who cannot join
Who are dismissed without a phrase
It is only he who truly stays
Whom none can come purloin
Then who can speak for his days?
Any fool can think he's strange
Make meet what he may derange
And bespeak what he was when
He was born, by revelation claim
As though God had come to him
And took away shame from shame
Of each his darkest whim
Oh! Such a tryst to arrange
A false likeness of the outcast one
Who, to whom can he make uprightness
What reck, what roil - to yet bless
Your enemies, did you know them true
Or were you but the fortunate son --
Do we speak now of the color blue?
All things -- go out from among men
To where one belongs - and when
Exile is as true blessedness
You really should thank them.

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