The Auspex in the Winter Light


it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
Under the frosted limbs she sat
Draped like lace, the jeweled glint
The bench was cold, hard as flint
And shadow scattered in the light
Under that sky both gray and flat
And added not a mite of tint
To the snow, motionless and white;

A small chocolate in her hand
She rolled it, cold from colder air
On the glove, just left it there
He said, stopping his shovelings
"I don't really understand --
Why you eat so many where
You might eat better things."

She said, looking up at his ruddy face
"If I feel lonely or sad or tired when
I eat something sweet I feel better again."
Smiling then his sharp eye met her
And said, admiring her gentle grace:
"The world must not be a woman then
Sweet things don't make it better."

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