it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
A heart with no memories
As bright and spotless as the sun
Does it belong to anyone
Whose heart was it before
An open heaven without a cloud
Is there such a thing anymore
It came not from the proud
Whose self-image is their disease
Nor did the lowly give it birth
Whose humble thoughts have worth
A great canyon without a breeze
A still and silent mirth
Immutable thing that moves
Here the real and ideal agrees
In the world there's no greater ease
Than once found to simply lose
A heart with no memories.


  1. The wind blows where it wishes. Where does it come from, where does it go?

  2. And yet even so, the whims of the wind are not wishes we can know.

  3. (A diagram of the rhyming of this poem is as follows)

    --> CDCD

    All of the units are quatrains, but they are not identical in rhyming scheme. Additionally, The second couplet does not follow the first but is contained within it (nested.) The last couplet has a doubling to make the couplet enlongated. The general form followed was (I)(I)(II) - two short and one long. I chose a different scheme for each quatrain, using a doubling to alter the scheme for the last slightly. Finally, the overlapping theme in the middle binds the upper and lower together into a seamless whole.

    (I will be experimenting with nested rhyming schemes more.)

  4. That's good. It's like those egg-shaped nesting dolls.


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