it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
The stormwind and the lightning dance
As though the air could catch that fire
Could catch it and put it out
Riding the wind as a spark on the wire
Gathering greatness spread about
Backwards, faster than the naked eye
From the flat and shadowed earth to fly
And write the lines of a strange romance
But west wind blows hard against the flame
Though the flight of arcing light just the same
Appears suddenly, a sudden chance
A change - still the storm then became --
In the distance I heard the echos sound
(Though the rain upon the window pound--)
A flash or two in that hushed expanse
A call to chase in some odd parlance;
Dash far away wind, sweep clean the ground
No brightness, just a great head of dust
Go east, towards the sun's ever-rise
Chase beyond the sight of my eyes
The train of a last and forlorn gust
Then one more blast; a fiery lance --
Then the silence of rain, as rain must
Be always silence and sound alike
With each drop the rooftile strike;
Did she catch him, did she perchance?
Or was it just a daydream like
The lines of a strange romance --
A stormwind and a lightning dance?

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