Awake In The Night


it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
There I was awake in the night
I was not where I was a moment before
Outside was cold and unearthly light
Loud came the wind, a speechless roar
I was home again - where I used to be
Alone again, but alone and free
And heaven unquiet in an unseen war
Nowhere to go, nowhere to flee.

Dark inside, as a Christmas morn
Before the sun the land makes bright
The raging clouds all woolen-shorn
The moon behind made real the sight
And the walls held not the sound at bay
But sounding within as if to say
Nothing - but a display of speechless might
And where I was there was never day.

I draw a curtain; and squinting hard
Do I see something - do I see it there?
Snow glinting across a forsaken yard
And I thought of this, the realm of the air
Shifting shadows and fey light that bends
And I almost know what word it sends
But withdraw and turn, I know not where
This place it is - a place of omens.

I fear the uncertain in the endless sound
Something looms - but I ask not what
I wished no more than what I had found
And of what might be, I queried not
And beyond shouted the brazen wind
White and shifting and shadow-skinned
The gray air glowered over the empty lot
And in the dark the curtains moved within.

I turned to the east, without a thought
And began a prayer - but not to ask
Not my words were they, what I sought
Was to steady my mind for such a task
And to not bid welcome the unseen sea
And not to any fear or lost memory
To calm the storm - to remove the mask
The veil of desire's gray uncertainty.

And by degrees did change the atmosphere
Light along the edges of the window pane
Then again in a tree far away from here
Clear and bright and calm was its train
And just as the end of the prayer alight
Gone was the wind and the beautiful light
But you were there - you and I by name
And there I was awake, in the night.
a postscript is here written:
The end of  'Adrift Without a Star'

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