Public Opinion


it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
No applause awaits them at all
Would we know if they were heroes
Not even a name in etch or scrawl
No place for the lily or the rose
What we don't know tells us more
Than what we know heretofore
They are not made any less tall
That them we know or ignore;
And we know not, but we insist
For the public weal - an abstract
That their fame must come to exist
Fed like a drug into veins dry and cracked
The common man; will he call
Himself a god, by an unknown pall
For the holy ones know it exact -
No applause awaits them at all.


  1. Anonymous16:30

    A wise copy would follow the Original. That cuts through a lot of delusion.
    Probably clay and Potter stuff. Less rebellion, and such.

    1. I have no objection to the true lives of the saints, only the false ones democratic man has created to replace the sacredness he cast down and destroyed.


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