Fear of the Heavens


it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
I saw it in a vision of a dream
The fission of a dreadful thing
No mouth to open and scream
Just a blank thing on the wing
No face had it and no eyes
But swift, it paced the skies
Light was it and painful its sting
Pain unto death that flies.

She tugged my dusty pant leg
And spoke - "It is cloudy today
We should not have to hide and beg"
And I wondered aloud in a way
That made her give this reply:
"Here we fear only the clear sky
For it is only on a clear day
That the drones come to make us die."

And somewhere four men - or is it
Four women, by the rule of parity
Wait patiently for the weather to fit
Their mission, and we can see
Vote upon vote and law ream upon ream
Build a dire crescendo to a theme
This must be the fist of popular sovereignty
-- I saw it in a vision of a dream.

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