The President's Speech

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
The tin god comes, like an unlit lamp
A thing of bronze, but awaiting his cue
And perhaps come to life, to blink, to move
The mechanical Turk; of Kenyan stamp
A man of no small talent and poise
Repurposed to generate our noise
Did they say once - that he would save
Forbid it! But the crowd raves and roars
That smooth baritone; the emotion soars
Walking forsooth with a genteel wave
Into a hall of ten-thousand traps
But the audience loves- the people claps!
Dreams of his father, of another world
Where Old Karl hadn't brought forth amain
An army destined to be a stain
Of blood; the reds their flag unfurled
Was murder first of body then soul
Fill the cup then, fill it full--
With each subtle lie, the people require
Wink at the men with the burning bomb
Then complain with your old aplomb--?
Your strength now it may seem to retire
The handlers prod and twist the clamp
But the tin god comes, like an unlit lamp.


  1. Very true. I suppose much the same applies to most of those who have held the office in my lifetime.

    1. Though this poem was about Obama, it does seem to apply to most of the recent Presidents as well.


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