The Call from Athelney

The Ruins of San Franciso by Andrew McFarlane

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
Defeated ones; such as we are
Left with no hope and no vision
But the fragments of old fission
Of an unreconstructed star
Each crying out that he knows
Where every broken part goes;
Those bright ones, their glinting face
Seen in part in part and whole
Of remorse and of regret full
Of memory but a fainting trace
We call out but they answer not
Or but utter to us the same thought
And the same warning, like a ghost
Wandering the halls of troubled house
We but an errant flea or frightened mouse
To make but a scene to our host
At night, the only ones listening, awake
To even hear for these spirits' sake
Our conjuration of dark memories
Presage what - a terrible, final fire
Or do we hear what else they inspire
These heroes, strange from across seas
That no defeat is final even for
Defeated ones, such as we are?

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