it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
Then struggle on, struggle on, O man
In bright clash; a flash in the pan
And thundering a thousand strong
Bound fast in bellow-loud gong
Smoke and ash and blood and night
And the sudden fire of morning light
Then silence! -- live of ears and eyes
Tense waiting watching seas and skies
And desert plain wise fighting sleep
Then nothing -- but water moving deep
Rearranging pebbles on a washing-board
Like prize, loss and possession scored
But still poised sword and rank and file
Balanced breathless featherlight mile
Meaning made flesh of flesh and bone
Of piled, poised wave and tipping stone
Gathering four winds, a bellow long
Rings; a blast, a chant, a song --
Then down going, thunder across the moor
If man thus goes, man goes to war.

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