it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
When it is time for dress-up do you wear the fancy hat?
Do you find the highest collar and then don a fetching spat?
Or do you wear a tunic made for men of every shape
Efficiently to bundle flesh like the skin around a grape?
Or do you wear a hood that makes your darkness darker still
With glitter gone for putting on the envy that may kill
Do you wear a color flat, a habit made for those
Who in choosing dresses must dress what others chose
Or do you wear the air your wore the day that you were born
Wearing but the shaded eye, wearing off-putting scorn

If you see a man dressed well do you find it in your heart
To try to make a scoffing of the whole or of a part
Forget then that no matter how forgetfully you've worn
Whatever it was you threw on from the closet in the morn
That for man all dressing is a costume up or down
Even if he thinks he's wise he may just be a clown
If he wears nothing at all, he still must wear his lack
His skin is but another cloak worn from front to back
Man is an imitator, so no matter what you think you see
By his dress he does confess what he would wish to be.

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