The Birth of a Reactionary

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
The heart is deep, but it breaks, you know
It shatters below like the perfect glass
When perchance on the floor it's dashed
Dashed away fast, with stone on stone
As the crests of the foamy sea had crashed
Leaving last hope, with fear alone
A hollow tone the mourning wind does blow;

Oh, the hope of sickness, the sickness of hope
The hope of better life on a hollow stone
Brimful of fire, wreathed light in foam
Blown like a bubble from a darkling cloud
Did the masters of time leave you all alone -
Did the heavens hear you shout aloud
House proud hung from the sky without a rope?

The love of the world is maddening thing
Revolution its king and reform its queen
To the eyes the masses sing like bees that teem
Buzz, buzz, buzz, in their beemade hive
Break it all down till you've torn the seam
And come undone, when you fall you'll shrive
And flow with rain like the early spring;

Thrown out master whose master are you?
Did the servants beck to your command
Did you call for a reckoning across the land
The dull old mirror echoes back your shout
Only the silver sees the mighty clench of your hand
With the bread and the water come from the spout
Pretend they are something more fair and true.

Jingle coin jingle in the bottom of my cup
Rattle up till you find a fallen friend
Termination is the station where it must end
The train of your fortunes, an everycolor coat
When wise you thought everywhere to send
Everywhere to mend with a promissory note
Can promise of your promise hold a tower up?

Flame of the people! Can you find a wick to burn
Can you hold a candle, or can you scale a wall
Can you build a tower, singing words so tall
Of your presentation, the sooth of your gestalt
Whether it is to remember anything at all
Yes, you only swing the pick, you are not at fault
Vote for we ordained a sentence we have yet to earn.

The call of the ocean, the summon of the sea
What could it be - the wind outside
Stormcloud in whose belly the lightnings ride,
Dark and fearsome and electric and light:
Free from care on the waters they stride
Empty like the heart, full like the night
It is truly something you must see -
It is the birth of a Reactionary.

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