The Song On The Road's End Side

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
It roars anew, the merciless tide
The reign of the moon, of Saturn beside
Look to the sea! The desert-place
And to those men who turned their face
To set their only love aside.

Egypt's race was buried once
Err of Pharaoh, whose fearless stunts
Made deep sea their burial-place
Because he would not turn back his face
Whose hubris set his love aside.

Baptize the ships, he might have said
The Byzantine-general now long-dead
Who with greek-fire made Turks blind
Whose thousand-might could never find
A place for their love aside.

Before fire comes water's lave
The earth is washed, from crag to cave
But once; so be sure to make it count
Once Terra was a baptismal fount
For those that love had set aside.

Old night returns, the deep its name
Chaos is sea, they are the same
To rise and baptize the ruddy crowd
Its din was soft, its din was loud
Said love, as an aside

You fear fire, you fear apocalypse
No sign shall be given nemesis
To denoue it from the gray expanse
From the errors and the recompense
From loves it cannot cast aside.

Eat chaos, death eating one
Sorrow's footfall may softly come
Look to the sea! A ship is seen
Against it sharp, against it keen
And cast your love aside.
a postscript is here written:
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