it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
Light and dark, it returns to this
A question? Are there two things, or one
Does the moon shining degrade the sun
Is all but illusion besides such bliss -
The child balancing on the iron rail
The salt crystals glint before they sail
And I am as a foreigner in this land
It is as it was of old, but not the same
Those, the times of terror before strength came
Holding happiness was grasping at sand
We who once believed the sun rose and fell
Now we cannot regard even our sense of smell
Wisdom comes with suffering, then you see
Looking at the eyes of people in magazines
Alien, inhuman eyes of the likes you've not seen
While voices stammer on about being equal or free
The cracks are already formed, with immaculate force
Time and old choices prepared to run their course
People doubt constantly the seen or unseen
While both are happening before their eyes
The only thing invisible are the self-told lies
Moon and sun are symbol and real, as it has been
And will be, whether man perishes or thrives
We breathe in the cold, and the train arrives.

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