The Song on the Blank Billboard

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
The abandoned car on the roadway side
The drying yellow-brown of the drought and sun
The brick-red rust of each broken gun
The machines running over without a guide
The crushed out earth from each massive tread
The bodies young and old, left for dead

The rot and gnaw of the ravening moth
The forest overgrown with vine and briar
The rotting old houses sunk in the mire
The glass on the sidewalk glittering off
The stained crumbled buildings on the street
The dejection and despair of the faces you meet

And above this every slogan conceived by man
To sell, to assist, every social program
Molders quietly away to the merest dram
Because they could not do what no one can
They gave it away to their nature's god
And found it devoured; how very odd.

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