The Sage Remarks on the Mind of Man

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
We live too much in our mind
Did we break ourselves at last
Of our worldly care and cast
Only then to truly find
The world is too much with us
That our thoughts are a fuss
We make because we have given up
Desiring that which cannot be
While declaring only what is, reality
Could the ocean fit in a cup
Or is it only a metaphor
But we digress; it has become a bore
To consider the edge of possibility
We cannot change the world at all
For we cannot address our timely fall
Nor the ruin of returning history
We have thought profoundly of what to do
We have set in order every IOU
But we cannot seem to recall the hand
Which has now its own internal law
Did we see what Abel saw
- one beyond all reason's command?
If only we could know what water knows
Which descends from all the himel snows
It makes its way with an alien ease
Though it follows channels and ways so old
It makes them new also, truth be told
With it, disputations cease
For water is an obedient thing
As to the distant sea to bring
It cares not to fly or upward to climb
But changes the world it slowly moves
Our contemplation it behooves
But alas, this desire we cannot find
For we live too much in our mind.

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