A Driving Song

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
I forgot where I lived today
I drove such a long, long, long way
Out of the way, to save some time
Under the afternoon, teal and lime;
It was driving to dusk when I came in
I forgot the house that I dwell in
I remembered only the steering wheel
And the way the pedals underfoot feel
The tealgreen sky was after the rain
An afternoon rain, again and again
Until the office-windows were streaked and wet
And my home - had I been there yet?
The painted clouds still over the road
Dispersed having lost their heavy load
From gray to white, over slick black-top
And the stop and go, and the go and stop
The red of brakelight had stained my eyes
And yet traffic does not make one wise
Not wise, but for that patient way
For I forgot where I lived today.

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