it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
Edelweiss, do you rise
From the foaming sea that lies
Roiling about us, tempting fear
Ominous, for all that's dear
And true, is this our only way
The blue embrace, forget the day
Forget the ark, and the pages bright
With each mark a dearer fright
Who wrote them, our mystery
We recall again, it cannot be
Our own hand carved them clean
Each letter grand, each figure mean
And we walk along that pier
White as chalk, the sky is clear
And the pages pulled all prophesy
But we are lulled, and do not buy
Out of order we pulled them out
It cannot be, the mind does rout
But the spirit moves just as it lists
Lines like grooves, words like fists
A fall of sheets; the afternoon
The story completes, so very soon
The sea below, the dream will fade
The ciaroscuro, now blankly made
What was it again, the reprise?
Edelweiss, do you rise?

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