Chain Lightning

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
The coming storm, the roaring rains
Lonely, darkly as the stains
Does anyone now watch the sky
Or is the air become too thick
Column upon column wick
Up, up round the fulsome eye
These towers of shadow and dust
These winds of change, each gust
Firefly, do you ride this night
In the darksome, choking shade
The blind in which dreams are made
And broken, in a blinding light
What is that smoke across the shore
What are these fires all the more
In a blink we see you move anew
Again, again, does lightning strike
Twice and three, or just a spike
A change of climate, as it grew
To crescendo, to cadenza aloud
Enough to shatter each cloud
Does the deep glow a sickly blue
Is it that Wormwood at last set down
While all in Styx, forget and drown
Green becomes their sickly hue
Lit against the lightning's chains
In the coming storm, the roaring rains.

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