The Memorial

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
As we saw the witness-stones
I did not understand them
So many here now had their homes
None left to then command them;
But commend them still to memory
For God does not forget
Their legion, in its number be
Still growing, still growing yet
By the deadly sword, those who live
Must also die by it as well
Consider then what one must give
It I cannot rightly tell;
This sword also must pierce your heart
To know the cost this city bears
To keep the same both true and sharp
And mend the bow, when ever it wears
We may provoke by overreach,
But some find their own reason
The pride of life, deceptive speech
Of greed and lust and treason
Against such we have but steel
Or the promise of its coming
The stone reminds us by its feel
The deep through it is humming;
If by blood and blood alone
Civilization must be lifted
That tree is as a mighty bone
Our honor to it we've gifted
Not in vain, swear we must
Of this tree of liberty
For if in truth in God we trust
We offer this for free;
As is our love, as men of strength
A fierce and burning flame
May we never span its length
May true always be its aim;
May those we love thus never die
May honor always be their rainment
Blessed are those, who here lie
Blessed is their attainment
Of struggle with the worldly powers
Their souls travails are never known
We can by but a wreath of flowers
Claim a victor for each stone.
Let then your soldier be always
Able to die a hero's death;
Lest you find in trouble's days
None but your own furtive breath.

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