Great and Holy Wednesday

it is addressed thusly:
A canticle.
it reads:
The betraying tongue
Speaking of social justice
Harboring envy

Woman of virtue
Served the servant of all men
Hair became her crown

With the scent of myrrh
Mere smell the cause of turning
Hearts pricked by their loves

The Greeks press to see
The Master passes them by
They must wait for now.

The world's righteous ones
Despair the loss of their own
The crowd is fickle

Dead men are raised up
So they say in seeking him
Seeking a bruised reed

The contending ones
His own disciples silent
Wait for denouement.

Wanting some profit
From another's perfume box
Treason is purchased

Iscariot goes
With silver into shadow
Harlot, into light.

An imitation
Of Mary, one of the just
Makes clean the scarlet

Let us prepare now
With him we shall be buried
With him we shall rise.

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