The Thinker and The Thought

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
The trouble with thought
Is what it's not ---
It's not easy, nor breezy
Like a spring afternoon
But it even if you will
It's loath to stand still
Even for a moment -
It's difficult - impossible to own it
Might as well write it down
But you can't if it's flown
Keep a journal a lot
But that's the memory of thought
What! But so is memory
Memory isn't not thought you see
Thought about a thought anyway
It's almost free energy
But not; It blocks other things
It ties experience with strings
Which is to say it's not
- not exactly free - that's a lot!
It can stop thinking, realistically
That's called 'ideology'
So it isn't it's own friend
It isn't inflexible, but doesn't like to bend
It isn't blind to what's true
But often truth it doesn't pursue
And if thought has so many blinkers
Imagine all the trouble with Thinkers!

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