it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
Pity, shall we name our enemy
For the cruel it makes their anger mild
But for us it is a path of shame
Prevents our rifts from being reconciled;
It is not emotion of a civil man
Who knows each person is a living soul
For him it turns man back towards the beast
A cycle that can never make him whole;
That mercy needs not pity should be clear
For one who knows the truth about his state
Needs no show of tears to move his hand
No wound to help the man outside his gate;
The liberal these days is crying out
His heart it bleeds for things he cannot change
His pity soon will make us bestial
To familiar and to the strange;
When you pity you show your magnitude
If you are a monster great and dumb --
God pities not, he merely reaches out
And suffers long that man at last may come.

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