it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
It follows man as a long shadow -
As a tail longer than an ape's;
Does he see it as he looks out the window
Does he see it where the sky gapes?
Wherever he looks it is behind a step
Behind a tree or a roadway sign
It hides where things are all kept
Waiting patiently for its time
But yet when surely it befalls him
Man takes the whole thing for surprise
As bad chance or grim omen
As though he has forgotten his eyes;
Grumbling at his sore misfortune
Looking for medicines to halt the pain
Praying only that it will be over soon
And trying to forget it will come again;
It is small wonder then all things despite
Modern man is no better than medieval
Still drinking his folly through the night;
And all the day ignoring his evil.

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