it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
The thing between the things is a thing
But also is not different from them
It is distinct, is what I think I mean
But not a thing without them.
The bank, is it the river's edge
Or is it the edge of the land?
On such questions did Socrates hedge
His hemlock inspired end;
Is it magical thinking to just admit
That some things are 'both-and'?
Or must we with precision split
Each hair down to its end?
Consider the blood vessel, marvelous
Bordered by a sheath of cell
Are the cells a blood vessel, no? yes?
Is the blood vessel cells as well?
One man says that this just shows
All distinctions are imaginary
But this is giving up, as he well knows
A rule that's arbitrary.
It was not long ago, we'd seen
That humanity is not-separated
Humanity is as much the space between
Each man as he is related
To the other man, 'as male and female'
It was of old said that we were made
Solitude's great difficulty a tale
That now seems trite and staid;
Perhaps because we believe Sartre
But now we've lost our thread;
Of dusk and twilight to night and day
Of neck to torso and head?
The truth's as simple as it is a bother;
All things simply overlap
And the overlaps overlap each other
The fact is as simple as that.
The boundary of a thing grows deep and wide
The more complex a thing it is
A truth of complexity that's simple and snide
And apparently, simple to miss!
a postscript is here written:
III: In a living system, A thick boundary is a kind of interchange zone. Where two zones, lying side by side, have their own integrity, it is not enough to have a sharp edge to separate them. In many cases, and especially in cases of living systems, there is a need for exchange, interchange, flows passing across the boundary, subtle kinds of filtering, places where interaction of the elements coming from either side can take place.

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