The Orator Speaks of his Chains

it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
The ugliness we see I feel
Is now beyond our taking,
In wall, in hall, in hull, in wheel
Our perception it is breaking;
A frame will never save our mark
A light will not restore it
No greenery, no lake or park
Can cause us to ignore it.
What are the things we made in love
Even if that love it be broken;
The things alike the things above
These things must be awoken.
A child cannot but watch and wait
For authority to move;
But when the pow'rs repudiate
This act it does behoove:
What policy which once was made
To halt destructive greed
With its seeds also were laid
A theology of need;
Now all are sinners, all alike
And all alike imprisoned
No jailbreak and no gen'ral strike
Can free those now envisioned.
Instead we wait, the last of all
Bound by our foolish word
Until someone great erect a wall
And raise high the brazen sword.

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