it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
Is man heart or brain, or belly full
Again, again, such trivia be
To miss a point, as if to pull
A sore defeat from a victory

For all three flow, into each other go
Above, below to confusion?
The ruler then, did you know
Must begin beyond their fusion?

Eye and hand and foot and tongue
All understand this desire
To direct it all, as in the young
But each we call a liar;

If man only were his blood or mind
He would be, one of the three
Growth may go, but man you'll find
In his Hierocentricity.
a postscript is here written:
II, [...] the center is not merely a geometric point center. It is an arrangement, in its own right, [...] It is an actual gathering together of the structure of space, which forms a pocket or field effect that we best describe by calling it "a center." Further, this [...] centeredness occurs in greater or lesser degree in different centers -- some are stronger than others. And the strength or degree of centeredness of any one center comes about because space has been shaped in such a way as to make this centeredness visible, and strongly felt.

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