it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
Ledger, ruler, slate and chalk
The old man set them all aside
The guard called, 'we need to talk.'
And turning, broke his stride
'At last the master is called to account
For his keeping such a man as you'
Or what did in truth simply amount
To what the old man already knew
'Tell his daughter to remember well
All that I have taught her here
How to figure and how to spell
All knowledge man holds dear'
And he put upon his neck the shawl
Tattered, was his yoke to bear
And stood against the further wall
'Tell her also to beware --
And remember most the very last
To keep always upon her breath
As I see my life is already past
That life must live again in death
That God is dead - but death instead
Has died and immortality
Comes to those who without dread
Follow the path of Deity.'
The guard nodded, and opened the gate
And stooping undid the iron bands
And although the hour was late
Knelt and kissed the elder's hands
'Son,' said he, 'A time will come
When I too will join the tales of myth
And my memory will be lost to some
Who will misunderstand my discourse with
The master's daughter, and our love
As too I love you as my son
And though Ignatius has written of
How this Eros is made undone
Crucified!' And blessed the man
Who then led him forth in solemnity
And down corridor he led chain in hand
And said, 'Is that a prophecy?'
The ancient one just smiled and strode
Up the gibbet's staid incline
Those there but say when they behold,
"Hail to the elder, Hail Valentine!'

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