The Orator to his Reflection

it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
Let us not pray as the Pharisee -
To consider ourselves worthy
To look up before the face of God
Do you find it odd that I call myself wretch
Is it too harsh? In such case
Fetch yourself a tissue now
That I may allow
A time and place
For you to come to see
Your mistaken misanthropy
That falling before ideal dignity
That you think man still has
Alas! He can regain it but
The same, one by one by one
The game - he lost it long ago
Did you know - the story about
The lady and the snake? Take
A moment and read it again
Focault can wait but the snake
Has no patience at all,
Though he suffers long this and long he is
As he is trodden down
Can one truly drown
A hatred inside a love? Perhaps
Enough, but not a simple disdain
Hatred is fire and love is too
But look a moment from the pool
Do you tire
To gain your own reflection?
It is but a misdirection unless
Pain and suffering come and kiss
That countenance of ours
And immense, the bars
Of our prison invisible
Arise all around ! and that sound
That groan --
Is no more than for which a Publican
Is justly known.

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