it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
"Craft, as we may say, as long as we are saying
Is often thought a trickery, simply an old chicanery
And this is not untrue you see, as far as it may be
For deception is a craft, as is any old persuading;
But when the fixed relating is somewhat one to one
Between the making subject and the object he has made
We begin to behold a custom in the way the lines are laid
A customary way of making, as with how my words are spun
The hand or its extension, the nerve and muscle tension
A tacit understanding of where the blows are landing
For the tool here utilized can be overly misleading
Perhaps some disbelief in case will need some wee suspending;
But when the unskilled limbs which cut the leaves and trims
Are no more overseen, if perhaps they'd ever been
The craft here then must cease, if you catch what I may mean
And mere copies are produced until the vision dims;
But when the hand moves cautiously and cuts only judiciously
And thought is then expressed in how the form's impressed
Upon the many other forms, my critique is then redressed
a form from thought well-cast" - he laughed - "This alone is Craft. "

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