The Orator and the Bohemes

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
"Class and Identity," said the voice quite stern,
"Are the two axes upon which we turn."
But the Orator dissented and brashly said,
"Numbers and Classifications are for the dead."

"But you must be rationally classified," it replied
"It is for the common good we did decide."
"Down to the gates of hell," he retorted
"With the statistics by which such good is reported!"

"But you can't argue against Identity", it averred
"To find Who You Are has every passion stirred!"
"Yes, the way to be 'unique'" he said in jest
"'different' and 'special' like all of the rest!"

"Identity allows all to feel accepted," it went on
"So uniqueness cannot exalt either brain or brawn."
"Strength is a gift," he spat with contempt
"To help the weak, from this none are exempt."

"But those who are strong belittle," it chided
"That is what must be stopped, we have decided."
"A gift, if gifted" he then did explain
"Comes from God, not you, as life makes plain:

"Those who abuse it, will receive an end
"Through it, for God's own will does not bend
"And if they rise in their spirit to heaven's door
"As in Babel, their bodies will litter the floor."

"What you suggest is no moral law," it cried
"But to permit all power to be then exercised
"Until it finds some vague and 'natural' end
"Against this evil we will not bend!"

Waving then his hand dismissively
He shrugged his shoulders for all to see
And said, "Opinions on the matter are free,
"But not long can they withstand Reality."

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