Ocean City

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
In light and shadow we found solace
Sun's heat and draping clouds dappled
Burning sand as warmth of summer
Before its flame was by rain put out
And the cool of thread woven laid down
Under shade of canopy and pale cloud
Whose every-color is scattered to gray
And as the painter chose it was rightly
The muted teals and white-corn colored sands
Sky washed out in watercolor hues
And the daub of moving cotton-like white
Each point of parasol and chair bringing
Eye to move against the still horizon
And the lapping waves make allegation
Of their elder brothers being beached
And they rise and fall without knowing
Making the dark line of damp move
A color as cold-dark as indicates the toe
Searching for shell's shape by chance touching
Light walking through each rise pressing
Salt and sand in all places there found
And as the waves the great towers
Rise and fall behind us watching
And being watched by those behind them
But the road remains and the sea remains
And the beach by degrees drifts southward
And the strangers shade one another cordially
From the ever-present sun.

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