The Orator Speaks of the Politic

it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
Equality, the enigma of modernity
He said, as he gave the pipe a puff
Not an issue for those of tougher stuff
But tougher men still worthily
Considered it redoubtable
Its claims all but unfloutable
They did not mean, he continued on
That really only men like them
Were equal, they considered when
And thought it would not be too long
As did many of the intellectual
And at least started with no intent to pull
A fast one, no -- reality they thought
Would eventually make every kind
Equally and quite right refined
We must aver that those who fought
In the Revolution would have gladly lost
Their position, if that were the cost
To make society to work aright
Such was the commitment to liberty
Such was the commitment to equality
The thugs come later in the night
Claims otherwise are projected lies
Which perhaps fool those not so wise
The sectarian always waited in the wings
To twist his words for his own gain
Perhaps the true bourgeois by name
He is the scapegoat Post-Modern brings
To the fore, and all Marx's men
Were obsessed with power when
They thought to remake all men by force
The force of ideas! This was called but 'love'
Certainly not what the Apostle was thinking of
Nor our fathers, before our culture's divorce
But meek men will always be trampled down
And their truths be met with every frown
Or used against them by Sun Tzu's law
It is only in God they be recognized
In the world they can become revised
Into a shape that no-one ever saw
And what is this! They forget Balaam
Call them Masons, and into them cram
All numinous, dark inequality
Though men are all but incomparable
And can never in this life reach full

This is the enigma of modernity.

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