The Sound of Silence

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
The sound of silence, a caveat
Spoken as though it were prophecy
Of glowing screens, of periphery
But not once had the prophet thought
Had Daniel, or those who first heard
That there were two meanings to ev'ry word?
Turning away we all shall digress
From speech and song and camaraderie
Away from the city and toward the sea
And into that great solitude we press
Eventually these earthly songs all fade
And even the television's cavalcade
Beyond them if we then find no speech
Who can make a case against us?
Who shall pass a judgement on us?
If even no more the muses beseech
Us to raise a voice in poetry's song?
The loud ringing of your words is long
Long rings the sound of passing road
Long rings the howl of the orator's declaim
Long rings the liquid down every drain
Long rings the hum of communicated code
Long rings the strikes of worker's blows
Long rings the list of society's woes
And loud is the cash register's ring
And the sounds of thousand feet anew
If there were any to sell it to
Come one, come all and bring --
We would disburse all our speech and sound
And maybe rise, quiet weather balloons
Past evenings, mornings, nights and noons
Until at last our peace we'd found
And found finally that it was not
The sound of silence, a caveat?

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