What Goes Around

it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
That poetry -
When I thought this through
It came to me like a brick
Through a window;

Listen to me -
Or just read, whichever suits
Your fancy. A conundrum
May follow.

Purity -
Or its lack, more precisely
Was the theme herein
Of these verses from back
When I read others' poetry
Now I dread though

To consider

But I do freely
You see, but I'm getting nowhere
From here to there, so soon
You will know.

The thought I see
Clearly, is this. Can a man become
The sort of man who suffers company
And yet, drives from his path
By fear of or by wrath
All those who could help him
All those who might make him
Be that which he needs to be?

Purity -
Before the face of God, before the gate
Of heaven, before Peter's grim pate
You: below?

But how could you not know
How would you not see what you were
Long ago?


In unbelief, why paint a picture of God?
(or Peter;) Ignore him and walk broad
And slow.

Things three;
Lies we tell ourselves and others,
Trying to have our druthers
And maybe if there is Karma
That it acts not on us - this Dharma
But oh,
Never directly -
But on others first.

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