The Poet's Dream, VII

it is addressed thusly:
A fragment.
it reads:
And gathering to a greatness, I
Found my faculties reach beyond
And saw then these, when did fly
My mind above my memories fond
And drive past war and warring hate
And cut with wisdom's surer course
Found then I the drowning-gate
Onto which all water the ocean pours.

And then my vision came more clear
Past these sunny domes of yore
For I saw a sight so dear
A windswept world, a skylit shore
And these places had to them,
A felicity I leave here undescribed
For above I saw a starry fen
Whose master nary could be bribed.

And now my dream came clearer still
Of seeds seven, whose keepers lie in state
Around me there these heroes fell
These legends true, these kings called great
Now encircle, entombed at rest
All present here, though from time thrown
Called by the eighth, among the best
Held nascent now, but soon be grown.

The seeds I saw, were vices dread
In truth they were not always so
But I had it in my head
To take all seven, and then to go
Unhinge the ancient doors of death
And undo their evil with some good
Be carried then, with the breath
To follow her with purple hood.

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