Wachet Auf

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
This was my dream, One was dreaming
And the dreamer who dreamed was I,
The one whom he dreamed was seeming
To be cast from the self-same die;

But his form was that of a figure
And he seemed but a shadow in depth
I could hardly make out any feature
For he shifted like midwinter's breath;

And I wondered at what he was seeing
And how I could see what he saw
For who knows the depths of a being
And who sees his inward law?

And the one whom he saw was awaking
At this we both made a start,
And held our breath, we were waiting
For the veil itself to depart;

But the one whom he saw was but starting
At some inward turbulent thought,
And the mist and shade slowly parting
As though by cataracts caught;

I considered then what was the meaning
Of all of this then which I saw?
He whom I saw too was gleaning
From his vision an inward law;

And he who slept was all-gleaming
And in his dream he uttered a cry:
"In this my dream, One is dreaming
And the dreamer who dreams is I!"

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