The Swordsman Speaks of His Many Injuries

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
A scar here across my chest
A broken toe, a crushed knee
A bruise for each of the rest
Hands both maimed as oft may be
What may I say of these
That you may understand?
Were they mere disease
A blight upon a weary land?
So says the eye that looks
But does not see the heart
This be knowledge not of books
Not true science, nor true art
Since you I would not harm
I then must as silently
Hold high a brazen arm
And wordless, bear iniquity.


  1. mushroom22:40

    Well said. Our sufferings and scars are understood only by our Elder Brother, and, where it is His will, by a few brothers-in-arms. I know that Christ still bears His wounds for my sake and for His glory. I wonder if we will still bear some of ours they might praise Him as well.

  2. As Paul said, "I bear upon my body the wounds of Christ"

    The crucifixional imagery here was unintentional... it was merely an attempt to describe the feeling of knowing things that cannot be shared because to share them would require hurting the other person, since this knowledge is a knowledge of suffering.


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