The Sage Contemplates Fleeting Beauty

it is addressed thusly:
An Ode.
it reads:
The world was a charcoal painting
With trees a bas-relief in white
The blue of the sky was dainty
Morning's countenance was light
And suchlike was the world in winter
With umbers for each naked limb
Life is a great moneychanger
Gold and silver hid within
And why should it be this season
Which compels us now to recall
The warmth of summer beyond reason
The cool and somber damp of fall?
The silver of the river's wetness
And the gold of wheat in harvest-time
The rain is ice and will not let us
The wood is dead and flecked with rime.
And all the while the fleeting beauty
The spring will come and steal away
We face ahead as were our duty
Miss the treasures that before us lay.

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