Blue Hour

it is addressed thusly:
A song
it reads:
We wake before the morning
Our eyes have known the dark
The time before beginning
'fore call of cock or lark
To wait and see arisen
Between the towers gray
Twilight's final schism
The brilliant break of day.
We who know the darkness
Know the shadowed cloud
It hangs about the markets
But isn't crass or loud
It mutes all shade and color
It sees to their dismay
It draws the daytime dolour
And makes the dawning gray.
When a man waits in shadow
Waiting for the light
His eyes are like a widow
Stranded by the night
Should he desire the morning
Of any earthly sun
May he hear this warning
Just this simple one;
Let the eye then gather
The light it needs to view
And not expect another
To give it all to you.

1 comment:

  1. Waves of boundless mercy
    Were drink for me this morn.
    Its drops were sweet like myrrh,
    Into my ear it murmured...

    Mourn for days long gone
    But back to me return
    Afresh with waking vigor
    From you myself to learn.


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