The Rose of the World

it is addressed thusly:
An ode. Apologies to WBY.
it reads:
Oh, great Rose of the World
Who from thorns was once unfurled
Can you not hear your servants call
Alas! It is the last hour by the wall
For the clock says eleven and a half
And they wonder why you do not laugh
The earth at hand is hard and cold
And men's hearts are growing old
Old of beauty, old of love
Old of wisdom which sits above
And each stroke bears little loam
Many rocks and clay beneath this dome
And the stars remind us of your light
Oh gold lamp-stand with beauty bright
And the messenger sent to tell of thee
And thy wondrous mystery?
A star he was, but one by birth
And we of semi-charmed earth
Behold now what but cannot be
Barren earth bears living tree
And the place we see is but a cave
But really it is become the only nave
And heaven! It is heaven then
And you the throne of Cherubim
Who sits with God upon her lap
Petal upon petal they overlap
For your womb must be the fertile ground
The garden of Eden! Wherein is found
All life in its ideal form
Even the lowly earthen worm
Of which I am, a digger-man
Eat of the earth for while I can
Oh, Rose, oh Rose, ask for us who
Bow our neck, beseech of you
A thing more deep and sweet and wild:
And she lifts her hand to give the Child.

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